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Soft Cap

A soft cap is the minimum amount of capital that a project or startup aims to raise in a fundraising campaign, such as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or a token sale. If the soft cap is not reached, the project may decide to return the funds to the investors, indicating that the project did not gather enough interest or financial support to move forward.

Key Points:

  1. Purpose: The soft cap serves as a safety net for both the project creators and the investors. It represents the minimum amount of funds the project needs to be viable and to deliver on its promises.
  2. Determination: The soft cap is typically determined based on the essential expenses and initial development costs of the project. It ensures that the project has enough funds to cover basic operations and achieve its primary milestones.
  3. Investor Protection: If a project fails to reach its soft cap, it might indicate a lack of confidence or interest from the investor community. Returning the funds in such cases protects investors from potential losses.
  4. Flexibility: Unlike the hard cap, which is a strict upper limit, the soft cap provides flexibility. Projects that surpass their soft cap can continue raising funds up to their hard cap.
  5. Soft Cap vs. Hard Cap: While the soft cap is the minimum fundraising threshold, the hard cap is the maximum limit. Reaching the soft cap often means the project will continue as planned, while reaching the hard cap ends the fundraising process.
  6. Transparency: Projects that set a soft cap are often seen as more investor-friendly. It shows potential investors that the project has evaluated its financial needs and is committed to returning funds if those needs aren’t met.
  7. Token Distribution: In the context of ICOs or token sales, if the soft cap isn’t reached, the project might either return the funds or offer investors a more favorable token distribution rate.


  • A blockchain project launching an ICO might set a soft cap of $5 million. If they fail to raise this amount, they might decide to refund the investors and reconsider the project’s feasibility.
  • A decentralized platform might have a soft cap of 2,000 ETH for its token sale. If this threshold is not met, the project may offer additional incentives to early investors or modify its development roadmap.
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